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Are You A Groom With Unruly Facial Hair? 3 Tips To Look Your Best For Your Bride With Eyebrow Waxing

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Although you might not have given much thought to your eyebrows before, an upcoming wedding tends to have grooms scrutinizing their appearance. For most men, eyebrow grooming at home consists of plucking or shaving an occasional hair. However, you may need to do more if your eyebrows are especially unruly. Eyebrow waxing can help to remove thick hair that grows between your eyebrows while also giving them a defined shape that fits the rest of your appearance. As with any hygiene treatment, it is best to go in to it knowing what to expect, and these three tips will help you prep for your waxing appointment.

Don't Do It Yourself

Watching someone pluck or wax their eyebrows makes it look easy. However, do-it-yourself wax kits that are designed for home are messy, and it is far too easy to accidentally pull out more hair than you want. Since eyebrow hair takes awhile to grow back, trying to groom your eyebrows yourself could leave you with embarrassing bare spots that will be noticeable when you are standing up saying your vows. A professional eyebrow wax involves tools that allow for greater precision.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Some men only want to remove the hair that causes them to have a monobrow while others prefer to have more shaping done. Make sure to let the technician know how much hair you want them to wax off. If you are nervous about having too much hair removed, then let them know from the beginning. They can do things such as point out where they are going to wax next, and you can let them know if you are ready for them to stop. Individual hairs can also be removed with tweezers if you have a few areas that you only want shaped a little bit. 

Expect Some Redness

Waxing involves removing the eyebrow hair from the root. While this typically involves little more than feeling a slight pinch during the hair removal process, you may find that your skin is slightly inflamed afterwards. In most cases, redness begins to resolve within an hour or two, and most people find that their skin is completely normal within the next one to two days. To be on the safe side, make sure to arrange for your eyebrow waxing session to occur about three days before your wedding. This gives your skin plenty of time to recover, and the hairs will not have had enough time to grow back.

For more information, contact salons that offer eyebrow waxing services.