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Holding The Galaxy In Your Hands: 3 Tips For Enhancing The Appeal Of Desert Night Sky Nail Polish

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Most women would agree that one of their favorite beauty indulgences each month is going to get their nails done. Beautiful, well-manicured nails can really make your hands feel slimmer and more elegant. In addition, this minor beauty indulgence can leave you feeling pampered and beautiful for the weeks ahead. In 2015 to 2016, nearly 50% of all nail technicians in the United States were 80% to 100% booked. This shows just how popular and important the nail industry is. The desert night sky nail polish has become a common favorite amongst patrons. The dark base of the nail polish paired with the beautiful sparkles can really make you feel like you're holding the galaxy in your own hands. Here are 3 tips that will further make this type of nail polish shine.

Apply Several Coats 

If you really want your nail polish to shine and grab attention wherever you go, make sure to ask the nail technician to apply several coats of the desert night sky nail polish during the manicure. Each coat will strengthen the base color of the nail polish and will add more sparkles for that extra glam. Make sure that each coat of the desert night sky nail polish has fully cured or dried before applying the next coat. If you fail to do so, the nail polish can easily get clumpy and streaky. You won't get the same amount and type of shine on the final result to feel like you're holding the galaxy in your hands.

Sprinkle on Some Extra Sparkles

Depending on the type of desert night sky nail polish that you've purchased, you might find that the sparkles in the nail polish are simply not shining through even though the base color in the background is bold and beautiful. In these circumstances, you have one of two options. You can either have the nail technician sprinkle on some extra sparkles onto the nail polish before it cures or dries or apply a clear coat of nail polish with extra sprinkles overtop. The former option is generally the better choice, and will give you the sparkle you desire. Choose to add different colors and shapes of sprinkles to get a more galactic look from the nail polish.

Apply a High Quality Clear Top Coat

The quality of the desert sky nail polish might not be the factor hindering you from achieving and obtaining the results that you desire. You might simply not be getting the shine that you want because the nail technician is not applying a high quality clear top coat overtop to act as a seal for the desert night sky nail polish. The clear coat not only adds some gloss to the nail polish by offering a more reflective surface, but will also protect the underlying coat from scratches and other types of damages. You'd be surprised at just how scratched up the surfaces of your nail polish can get just from doing daily chores.


Choosing and finding an experienced nail technician to do your nails can make a huge difference in the quality of the results that you get. Experienced nail technicians can customize the design of the nails in order to ensure that you're going to be happy with what you're getting. Don't hesitate to voice your concerns with your nail technician and have them correct any issues that may arise. For example, don't hesitate to speak out if you find that the desert night sky nail polish looks a tad dull on your hands. This might be due to a variety of different factors that can be easily corrected when brought to the attention of the nail technicians. Talk to a salon artist for more information on this topic.