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3 Tips To Wear Your Fake Lashes Longer

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Not only do they protect your eyes from dirt and dust, but longer lashes can also frame your face, improving your overall appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone has the long lashes they want, but help is available. Faux lashes are great investments even though they are not designed to last forever. Here are a few tips to follow if you want to prolong the lifespan of your faux eye lashes.

Buy High-Quality Lashes

When you visit a beauty store or professional lash technician, you may be overwhelmed by your options. Your first inclination may be to choose the lashes that are the least expensive. While you may save money up front, you will end up having to replace your lashes sooner than necessary, making the more affordable choice more expensive in the long run.

High-quality lashes look natural, yet full. They should match your natural lash color somewhat and feel light and airy when worn. They should also not require an excessive amount of adhesive to secure them in place.

Even though they may be more expensive, the higher-quality lashes will look better and last longer compared to the cheaper option.

Skip the Mascara

Without faux lashes, you are most likely applying a good amount of mascara each day. Wearing faux lashes ensures you have thick, full, and long lashes without the constant application of mascara. Therefore, you should not be applying mascara when wearing faux lashes.

Mascara quickly builds up on the faux lashes, even if you are buying the higher quality brands, creating a bulky, dark, and unappealing look. The chemicals in the mascara can also weaken the strength of not only the actual lashes, but the adhesive, too.

If you decide to apply mascara, you are defeating the purpose of wearing faux lashes and decreasing their overall lifespan.

Clean and Maintain

Just like with your real lashes, dirt, dust, and other debris and allergens will accumulate on the false lashes. These allergens can lead to irritated eyes, but they can also weaken the lash material and adhesive, so proper cleaning and maintenance is imperative.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how to clean the false lashes. You may need to soak the lashes in a specialized solution or clean the lashes by hand using a cotton swab and eye makeup removing solution.

Be sure to rinse the false lashes and allow them to air dry before reusing.

False lashes, like criss cross false eyelashes, are a great investment for your appearance and self-esteem. These simple solutions will help protect your investment.