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Cushioned Support For Personal Bathing Sessions

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Neck or back pain may limit the amount of time that you dedicate to bathing. A cushion that contains multiple fabric layers that are designed to provide support to your entire body may make bathtime more relaxing for you.

The Design

A full-sized bath cushion will extend along the entire length of a bathtub. One end of a cushion will be designed to contour the head, neck, and upper back. The rest of the fabric that comprises a cushion will be wide in width and will fit neatly along the bottom of a tub.

Suction cups that are aligned along the bottom of a cushion will prevent the fabric from shifting. Air chambers within the fabric will provide a comfort barrier between the bather and a tub's hard surface. Material that is woven will allow water to pass through the folds of fabric. 

Personal Use

After purchasing a cushion, the bathtub that the product will be used in should be disinfected and dried. Unroll or unfold your cushion. Begin securing the series of suction cups, beginning with the ones that will be aligned along the area where your head will be resting and finishing with the ones that will be secured to the opposite end of the tub.

Before filling the tub, tug on the ends of the cushion. If the fabric remains in place, you have properly installed it. Add water, scented bath products, bubble bath, or any other self-care products that you prefer to use while bathing. Carefully step into the tub and sit down on the cushion. Slowly lie back. Make sure that the head portion of the cushion is resting evenly under the back of your head.

Care And Storage

The water-permeable fabric that is used to construct a full-body cushion will dry quickly. After each use, rinse the cushion off with plain water and hang the product up to air dry. Spot cleaning can be performed, by using detergent and a soft brush to clean fabric. Using a washing machine to clean the fabric is another option that will keep your bath accessory maintained.

Purchase a garment bag, if you would like to hang the cushion inside of a closet. A standard hanger can be used to drape the fabric, prior to securing it inside of a bag. Another storage option is to fold the fabric and place the bath accessory on a shelf or inside of a cabinet that is in your bathroom. 

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