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FAQs About Using Oxygen Healing Gel For Pets

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When your pet has a minor injury, you can often treat it at home rather than taking them to the vet. Insect bites, small hot spots, and minor abrasions will generally heal on their own with a little help from you. One of the products that can help with this healing is oxygen healing gel. Here are a few questions you might have if you're thinking of using oxygen healing gel on your pet for the first time.

How do you know whether a wound can be treated with oxygen healing gel?

Oxygen healing gel is really safe. It's not going to cause harm to any wound. You can apply it to burns, insect stings, itchy spots, abrasions, cuts, and scrapes. The only concern is that if a wound requires more intensive vet treatment and you only use oxygen healing gel, your pet may suffer more than is necessary. For more serious wounds, oxygen healing gel is not enough. A good rule of thumb is to evaluate the wound's depth and appearance. If the wound looks like it needs vet care, head to the vet; never use oxygen healing gel in place of vet care. Only use it for wounds you would feel comfortable treating at home already.

After your pet sees the vet, the vet may advise you to use oxygen healing gel at home. This is fine, as long as it follows good vet care and is not used in place of it.

How does oxygen healing gel work?

Wounds of all types need oxygen to heal. It helps make sure dangerous bacteria do not proliferate, and it also helps make sure the tissues have the oxygen they need to repair themselves. Wounds can get some oxygen when they're simply exposed to air. But oxygen healing gel increases the amount of oxygen they are exposed to, which leads to even faster healing.

What happens if your pet licks the oxygen healing gel?

Pets will lick! The good news is that oxygen healing gel for pets is formulated so that it does not harm them if they do lick it. You may want to put a cone on your pet's head to keep them from licking, as licking may slow down their healing. However, if they do happen to lick some of the healing gel, you don't need to be concerned.

Hopefully, you now know a little more about oxygen healing gel and how it can help your pets. Good luck!

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